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4:15 22-5-2021

Katakopra Rural Educational Society

কাটাকোপরা রুরাল এডুকেশনাল সোসাইটি

Registration No:S/1L/80606 of 2011-12

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Secretary Desk

Katakopra Rural Educational Society, this very name is a tremendous significant to me to my villagers and to all others. It is very glad to inform to all that this Society may enlighten in our remote like illiterate village. It is true that it is a very remote village from the main town Berhampore in the district of Murshidabad. I have no problem to share about this village. Raipur, this very village, is full of illiterate, full of superstitious minded people live here. It is mainly Muslim oriented populated area. But it has another glory that this village runs successfully with communal harmony and peaceful co-existence. It is a really dream to establish such a Society in this village. I know it is a tough task. But I believe no one can stop as indomitable spirit. This proverb is quite applicable to me.

I wish to carry out this society successfully till my last breath. Though I know that it would be very impossible to me alone, I appeal to all people , all staff , all members may support and do task properly to enrich our motto and dream in a zenith point. I wish a grand success of this society. To make a spectacular success whole hearted co-operation, suggestion, opinion, advice from all corner`s is highly acceptable.

Md. Ayenul Haque
Katakopra Rural Educational Society